The Gaming industry is Out to Get Us!!

December 2, 2009

Roll Dem Bones

Folks, beware! The gaming industry is out to get us to buy their products. This article, which might be the beginning of something, I really don’t know for sure. This might become a column about nothing. Sorry for the old saw from the Seinfeld show. But it does bring an amusing light to observations about the gaming industry and how it impacts all of us folks that roll dem bones.

As it occurred to me just now, integral to most of our games, board games, miniature games and role-playing games it’s all played upon with a roll of the dice. I am not dissing the collectable card gamers. I am a fledgling member of that group and yesh a card-carrying member of that group (rim shot please). I have hundreds of cards from a variety of collectable card games.

Here comes the fun part. The producers of all of these said games, henceforth known as the Gaming Industry, wants us to figuratively roll the dice on their games when we are hot and lusting to buy their products. This is about as plain as I can make it. We need to buy products from the brick and mortar product stores folks. Allow me to explain why.

 My friend John Jamison and I went to RIW Hobbies in Livonia yesterday and I wound up buying some USX Modern Day Heroes miniatures. Later today I am going to Guild of Blades in Madison Heights to buy the awesome new Savage Worlds Explorers edition of Necessary Evil. Yesterday, John and I also stopped in at Pandemonium Games in Garden City and I would up buying some WOTC D&D single miniatures. Granted the intended purpose of our travels had a focus for the Metro Detroit Gamers and the upcoming MichiCon convention at Oakland University in Rochester Hills.

 Frankly there is something amazing about going into a store and seeing all the different games and the related feldergarb necessary for us folks to game. I saw things and got interested in them by being able to see them first hand, touch them, examine them up close and eventually I wound up buying those items. You can’t do what I did over the Internet.  Folks it is in “our” best interests to visit all of these local gaming stores to buy products for our gaming experience. I said “our” specifically to drive the point that we need to make “our” gaming community thrive and grow. The first step in doing this is to buy things from “our” local gaming stores, which in turn makes that 600-pound monkey on “our” back, the Gaming Industry, grow and thrive. You see “we” have to take ownership and responsibility.


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