April 25, 2010

Roll Dem Bones

The following commentary comes from a discussion on the Savage Worlds Yahoo group.


I don’t normally allow that in all of my Savage World games. I would like to point out that in so doing that it places the magic user with a greater chance for magical backlash to devastate them. Another thing to look at is in the Fantasy Companion is an Arcane Background Edge called Alchemist. It would be easy to adapt the tenets of that to make an Artificer. With some tweaking, you can have a magic user able to craft magical items and still cast under the auspices of one Edge.

Now a magic user that does elemental magic probably should have a primary devotion. Secondary devotions, different trappings, could be used with each new Rank attainment. The secondary devotion would cost one Power Point more than the primary devotion. Trappings would allow them to modify the different elemental focus and what they could do. Finally I would think if they had ie. fire as their primary devotion that the secondary devotion(s) could not be an elemental focus in direct opposition, water.

— In Savage_Worlds@yahoogroups.com, Telas <TelasTX@…> wrote:
> In my campaign, magic is divided up into elemental (magic) and divine
> (miracles).  AB is house-ruled as a profession, which allows anyone to take
> it.  Once taken, you have access to all the elemental spells or the divine
> spells (but you only start with 2-3, as normal).
> The possibility exists of taking a second AB, and one of my players is
> interested in it. * I’d like to know your opinions on “what you should get”
> for that.  *
> A couple of questions:
>    – Is the new PP pool is mingled with the old one, or does it stand on its
>    own? If mingled, how many PP does the new AB Edge bring with it?  (0, 5, or
>    10?)  The campaign setting could go both ways on this.
>    – Does taking the AB Edge a second time grants the full compliment of
>    powers, or just one power?
> Regardless, the new Skill (Spellcasting or Faith) must be bought and built
> up.  You can’t suddenly cast elemental spells by Faith alone…
> A few options:
>    – Just like the *New Power* Edge, you get one spell of the new ‘domain’,
>    but can take more later.  PP are drawn from one pool, which you can modify
>    with Rapid Recharge, etc.  No additional PP are gained.
>    – Just like taking the *Arcane Background* Edge the first time, you get
>    2-3 new powers, and 10 PP in its own pool, subject to its own modifiers.
>    – You gain 1-3 new power(s), and 5 or so new PP in the ‘mingled’ pool.
>    This is entirely new to the game, but it is what the player seems to want.
> I don’t see anyone taking Option 1, mainly because it is so expensive, and
> SW characters are most effective when they specialize, not when they
> generalize.
> On the other hand, Option 2 *seems *like a bookkeeping hassle.
> Option 3 looks like a kludge, no matter how you cut it.
> Thanks for any input!
> Telas
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


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