August 9, 2011

One comment

  1. OK – throw us a bone here. Like WHAT clues? We have been under constant attack by Wild Card-level foes. We had to use the absinthe to fight the spider-thing – thus lighting the room on fire before we had a chance to loot the crates or examine the bodies.

    The rooms I went into were deathtraps.

    I got a couple clues from the skeleton of the dead pulp super, but was so vague as to be useless. BTW – she said she “had my back.” It would be nice if she helped out with this fight.

    Al – can you give me (us) some pointers? I feel like I am making bush league mistakes, but cannot put my finger on it. Are we not looking at the right things, talking enough, etc?

    John (playing Cort)

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