Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 10, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetGaelin handily defeats Rachel in an unsaid race for the teapot, her shifting in its direction being the only discernible evidence of her hospitality allowed to register. Gaelin is probably sure that a fully healthy Rachel would have been a much more formidable “opponent.” Wincing a slight bit, Miss Crosby resumes her position. “It’s Darjeeling Tea. If its a bit astringent or bittern to you, a lump of sugar may be to your liking. ” She adds.

As Gaelin speaks, Rachel stares at him with intense eyes. “Mr. Gaelin, I certainly agree with your suggestion for security precautions. In fact, it’s a standard procedure here-I actually used something to that effect right before Harlan…<there is a brief pause>…before one of those DAMNED things overpowered me. We have undergone a catastrophic security breech however, so it won’t be a easy as you may have envisioned. There will be measures taken however-.” Abruptly Rachel sneezes. “I’m sorry, it is only today that my body’s natural defenses have made great strides in recovery but, still I need plenty of nursing.

When Gaelin sets his cup down and leans toward Rachel, her jaw drops and her eyes suddenly get as wide as the saucers their teacups rest upon. Gaelin suddenly realizes that he is now looking down the barrel of her large pistol. He didn’t even see her reach for it. Her hands are slightly trembling and he doesn’t have to be Sigmund Freud to know he’s looking at real FEAR. Without saying a word she slowly leans back. “Why didn’t you bring me flowers? Gaelin would have brought me flowers! WHO are you?” Rachel demands in a thick English accent. Gaelin figures that, in her current state at least, physically he could easily overpower Rachel-if he didn’t get shot first at least! The fear in Rachel’s eyes may be unnerving to Gaelin not so much because she has a weapon trained on him but, more so because he can’t remember her being afraid like this ever before…concerned maybe but, never terrified…



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