Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 10, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widget“Yes, thank you.” Mr. Gaelin pours carefully pours himself a cup of tea and takes a sip before speaking. “Foremost I would like to inform that what you were attacked by was a ‘flesh ripper’. By taking a person’s skin they can appear exactly the same as their victim, even have the same mannerisms with the assistance of magic. However, they do not obtain any of their victim’s memories. It is my recommendation we have either, a code word or signal to identify ourselves. If that becomes compromised, experiences such as this visit and subtle details will be our only defenses.” Mr. Gaelin pauses for a moment. His eyes search hers as if trying to get on her. “When Mr. Heidel requested my assistance with a case I thought I was being brought in solely for my expertise in unusual antiquities. Now, I wonder if that is not the case.” Mr. Gaelin sips the last of his tea before setting his cup aside. Leaning forward, he brings his voice low. “Ms. Crosby, we both know that each other has…’abilities’ beyond the norm. Going forward I feel it would be best if we took the time to learn a bit more about each other.”



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