Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 22, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widget

“Thank you.” Miss Crosby softly accepted the tea cup and momentarily raised its porcelain rim to anticipating lips right before returning it to its saucer. The walking stick now leaned against the bed where she had just finished placing it. Interestingly, it may have been now-after Gaelin astutely observed a lack of rouge stains on her tea cup-that Gaelin realized just how inviting Rachael’s lips actually were. He had certainly noticed her visual treats before but, the urgency of previous situations apparently had not permitted Gaelin to truly appreciate Rachel’s intoxicating attractiveness.

Rachel’s mysteriously alluring eyes tracked Gaelin’s brief journey to the window with little accompanying movement of her head. “You have my word as an English woman and a lady that I will not willfully betray your confidence Gaelin,” miss Crosby responded with now perfect posture, and authority in her voice. As Gaelin continued speaking, with slow silent steps seemingly intended to fall between his brief sentences, Rachael made her way to the window as well. Facing Gaelin as he spoke, she leaned her left shoulder against the wall. Taking another sip of tea Rachael watched intensely as he rolled up his sleeves to reveal his scars [Alan, if you’re following this, does Rachael find these kinds of scars familiar?].

Rachael’s eyes widened as she did a quick double-take between the scars and Gaelin’s face. Setting the cup and saucer down on a nearby counter top she turned and gently took his arm into her hands to aid in closer examination. “Remain still Gaelin. I just want to examine these marks!” In the meantime, within their current proximity Gaelin can now truly appreciate Rachael’s stature. Gaelin was by no means looking down into her pretty eyes from a great height. Even in the fancy brocade slippers she wore, he figured his comely professional companion to be up to six feet tall. Her physique was athletic and her breathing subtle but strong. Her grip was gentle but, firm. Save for trips to the carnival or circus, he’d not seen too many female specimens this physically impressive-maybe none when Rachael’s attractiveness is factored in…

Looking up at him with an inquisitive look on her face, Rachel queries Gaelin. “Ghastly! How did this happen? I presume it occurred during your expedition?” Motionless, Rachael’s lips were inviting but, animated they could be downright entrancing. ‘Short sentences would be advisable for miss Crosby when exchanging with male interlocutors!’ Gaelin must have momentarily considered.   Still looking into his gaze with intense eyes our intrepid young heroine continued…”Gaelin, I feel that you are sincere in your assertions, and now I have physical proof to their motivations. Let me commend you on your determination to protect this world from the evils that you…that we have been so privileged but, unfortunate to discover. To whom much is given, much is expected! As have I, you have arrived at the right place.” Rachel pauses for a moment to slowly run a well manicured index finger down the length of one of Gaelin’s scars. At points it almost tickles but, Gaelin briefly enjoys a more base sensation from her touch that she seems to be oblivious to.   “I think we may be able to help heal these marks mister Gaelin! How long have you had them?” she asks after looking back into his eyes.




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