Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 22, 2014

November 24, 2014
As We Last Left widgetSeeing Ms. Crosby’s renewed demeanor brings an air of tranquility to Mr. Gaelin. The barest hint of a smile crept upon Mr. Gaelin’s face, and tension drained from his shoulders. As Ms. Crosby reaches for her cane he takes a moment to admire her flowing gown before returning his gaze to hers as she turns back. As Ms. Crosby makes her approach Mr. Gaelin keeps eye contact, his never gaze wavering. Surely if Ms. Crosby wished to get a sense of her contracted agent she would find that Mr. Gaelin believes her to be rather fetching.
 “It does indeed.” Mr. Gaelin picks up a teacup along with the teapot as he makes his way to stand “I believe it’s my turn.” Carefully, and with much grace he pours the tea, and hands the cup to Ms. Crosby with a most polite smile and a gleam in his eye. Setting down the teapot back on the table, Mr. Gaelin walks across the room and peers out the window. “Tell no one of what I’m about to divulge. Not even the rest of our team, not just yet.” Mr. Gaelin pauses for moment before continuing. “If you remember, when I was first contracted, you asked me if I had ever been ‘in the field’. I said that I had never been ‘in the field’. That still remains the case before joining B-13 as a contractor. However, I have been on an…expedition.” Mr. Gaelin turns about to face Ms. Crosby. A grim expression obscuring his face, before managing a weak smile. “For a time I was but a student of history, aspiring to be archeologist. In my studies I became ravenously curious about the secrets of the past. Particularly ancient mysteries, by which I stumbled upon the supernatural world as I like to call it. In desperation to know more I scraped together a meager fund to support an expedition of my very own. Oh, the venture was a grand sight to behold, and the trip achieved far more than I anticipated. However, barely a day goes by that I do that not dwell upon the hefty price I paid to quench my thirst.” Unbuttoning the cuff of his right sleeve, Mr. Gaelin rolls the sleeve up to his shoulder revealing several long scars running the length from shoulder to elbows. Alone each scars looks as if they were carved by a blade, but together creates the imprint of claws from no normal beast. “First and foremost know this; I am devoted to fight those that would harm our world.” Mr. Gaelin becomes silent, his gaze reading Ms Crosby’s reaction. It’s easily apparent he has more to say, though what he will say depends, how Ms. Crosby responds.

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