Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 23, 2014

November 24, 2014
As We Last Left widgetMs. Crosby’s exclamation of ‘The Crosby expedition’ has Mr. Gaelin looking perplexed. “One question at a time Ms. Crosby!” Mr. Gaelin exclaimed as he was pulled back to his seat. Ms. Crosby’s fervent curiousity left Mr. Gaelin astonished. Before continuing he took a sip of tea, and admired the next to him, pondering his own most curious questions.
 “No, my expedition was to Northern Europe.  I have never set foot in Asia. At the time I had just only scratched the surface of the supernatural world. At the time I had not encountered anything abnormal. The goal of the expedition was to research a set of ruins I had located hidden and encrypted in long forgetten texts that had been archived, specifically related to norse mythology. My most prevalent discovery was the existence of the supernatural in our world.” Mr. Gaelin set down his cup, his eyes flickering across Ms. Crosby’s face, pondering if he should continue.  “Ms. Crosby, let me be clear. By the time we arrived at the ruins we were already under attack. I would have died there along with everyone else if I hadn’t…if I hadn’t made pact in exchange for the power to defend myself. Once it was all over I knew everything there was to know about that place.”

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