Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 23, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widget“You made a pact?” Rachael’s brow raised as a look of bewilderment appeared upon her face. “A pact with whom? Such arrangements can be very dangerous you know. Forgive my curiosity but, you’re not being totally clear.” By now Rachael’s right foot is slowly rocking up and down as her right leg still sits crossed over the left. Rachel shifts uneasily in her seat as she leans back and gives Gaelin a stare that seems to bore deep into his soul. “I mentioned the Crosby expedition because it was led by my father. Apparently he had discovered the entrance to an underground realm believed to be the fabled Shambhala. Apparently there was a previous expedition which attempted to reach the same destination but, one by one expedition members succumbed to unexplained illnesses. Only one ever made it back alive to tell the story.” Rachael, sets her tea cup down and abruptly changes the subject. “My dear I’ve developed my mental talents for some time now. My pineal gland is actually enlarged and my Chakras opened. In my world travels I’ve managed to pick up bits and pieces of esoteric information from many differing sources and cultures. I would like to add some of your information to my modest repository if it is alright with you.” Rachael then reaches back and lets down her stunningly beautiful blond hair.

“Gaelin, I’d really like to hear more about your story but, this is not the best venue. When I’m released and reinstated would you be willing to tell me more? I have meditation I must complete now. Please pardon my abruptness, and please pardon my appearance…I tend to be a bit more presentable than this but, I’m sure that you understand considering the circumstances.” With that she stands up and palms her walking stick. “There is also the matter of the state of security here, and locating Stone. We’ll deal with that soon enough. Keep an eye on mister Mack for me as well. For the life of me I can’t figure out why O’shaughnessy didn’t screen his 2nd tier contractor a little more thoroughly…but, I take full responsibility,” Rachael mused as she pulled the very end of a small tress of her blonde hair from the corner of moist lips with her left index finger.



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