Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 23, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetMr. Gaelin held out his arms to allow Ms. Crosby to examine the scars. Her gentle touch sends a cascade of small twiches down his arm, nearly flinching in an automatic defense. Rachel’s close proximity allowed insight of the man who stands before her. Behind Mr. Gaelin’s charming veneer was someone who has spent much time in solitude. Rarely letting others close, yet by the steel in eyes there was something more to it. She judged that Mr. Gaelin stood about the same height as her. His physique while not athletic appeared lean and quite fit, seemingly ready to respond to the slightest sound or movement as if…survival depended on it. This was a man who had been tempered by fighting for his life . “Yes…that was about five years ago.” Mr. Gaelin looked at his scars in grim remembrance. “However these are merely a physical reminder of what transpired that I would rather not relinquish. I fear you take these scars as a sign of heroism when it was only valor out of necessity.” Mr. Gaelin’s eyes drift away from Ms. Crosby, his demeanor becoming cold. “When I began my expedition I had a team of a twenty people…I alone survived. We were heading to a remote location, far away from human contact. As we neared our destination it felt as though we were being watched. In the nights to come we became the prey to creatures unlike anything I had ever seen. Several died right then and there. Finding ourselves easy targets, we hastened our pace in order make it to our destination so we could more suitably defend ourselves. Those…things butchered everyone. Nothing survived that night, except me…I gained my abilities that night…” Mr. Gaelin trails off in a soft whisper, his mind visiting a memory. “It seems I lost myself in thought for a moment. My apologies.” Warmth returns Mr. Gaelin’s expression along with his wandering mind. Focus returning to his surroundings, he finds himself staring into Rachel’s eye, entranced. In that moment Mr. Gaelin dawns upon the revelation of how stunning Rachel appeared before him, and mustering a monumental amount of restraint to remain professional.




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