Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 9, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetGaelin enters the room to see Rachel sitting in her bed with eyes closed, legs folded under her and both hands resting in front of her the back of the right in the palm of the left. He is probably surprised to see that in a short time she has exchanged her mummified look to that of one featuring multiple bandages. Her pretty blonde hair is pinned up into a bun which in turn instantly draws attention to her bandage wrapped forehead. Rachel is wearing a yellow Mandarin collared silk oriental gown, and the absence of her usually pleasant feminine fragrance is quickly apparent. The pleasant olfactory sensations normally associated with Rachel’s close proximity being replaced by a to be expected medicine smell in general. Rachel is without makeup and despite Rachel’s bumps, bruises and bandages, Gaelin may be surprised that she’s already managed to regain much of her feminine attractiveness even if not all the way back to her normally expected standards. The
B-13 medical specialists must be VERY GOOD…or is there something else in the mix? Newspapers, books, files and more are neatly stacked on a stand to the right side of her bed (one of which is a KJ bible). On the same stand, a feint spiral of steam reaches upwards from a half full tea-cup sitting on a saucer near an ornately decorated porcelain tea-pot. Closest to her on the stand is a “large” Mauser pistol and several strippers of ammunition. An ornate walking stick (see gallery) leans against the wall near the stand and several bouquets of flowers with attached cards sit at random points throughout the room. There is a distinct pause of silence before Rachel calmly exhales and reveals her gorgeous blue eyes-just in time to save Gaelin the trouble of having to repeat himself. “Good morning Gaelin. Certainly! Please have a seat,” Rachel responds in a soft voice tone while gently gesturing towards a chair. “What can I do for you? Would you like a cup
of tea?” she adds. Rachel is not smiling much but, she does seem to be up for the visit.

“Unfortunately, you get a lot more with a 2×4 and a kind word than with just with a kind word.”



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