Pulp Nocturne 1930 February 9, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetDiscovering that flesh rippers had replaced several agents of B-13 seems to have troubled Mr. Gaelin. After giving medical attention to Ms. Crosby, Mr. Gaelin was found pouring over vast volumes of books in the B-13 archives. Those who saw him spoke of a fierce fire within his eyes. Anywhere he is seen, a vigorous resolve and sense of urgency pervades. During nearly all waking hours Mr.Gaelin was found investigating those responsible for the recent infiltration of B-13’s offices, only stopping briefly to attend an appointment with one of B-13 psychologists. Upon hearing that Ms. Crosby is accepting visitors, Mr. Gaelin takes time to pay her a visit. Mr. Gaelin greets Ms. Crosby with a warm smile, yet his eyes hunger for answers. Resting his cane against the back wall, Mr. Gaelin takes a seat in a nearby chair. “Ms. Crosby, it’s good see your recovering well. Might you spare a moment of your time?”



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