Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session February 21, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetEmerging from the bowels of the morgue, (N)PCs can see a small figure in the distance getting larger and larger. Rachael arrives in the front of the morgue only to see the large puddles of goo. “Oh my-” Rachael exclaimed right before she got the silk monogrammed handkerchief she now held to her face. Instantly stepping back she momentarily set her large Mauser pistol down long enough to tie the handkerchief over her face as if some kind of bandit. Firmly refisting the pistol, seductive eyes pan the scene only to be relieved after confirmation that O’Shaughnessy, Johnny Mack, and Gaelin were safe. Leaning a bit and picking up a telephone earpiece, she speaks something at an unintelligible level as she looks back up at O’shaugnessy, signaling him over with eye contact and a quick nod. She then does the same with Gaelin. Any of the two that respond by approaching Rachael will hear the following, “…Yes…yes ma’am…no casualties…full recovery team…let the director know that final confirmation is expected by the close of business, and that the separate incident just occurred at the morgue. Additionally, we’ve had visitors from the War Department here. Operator 99 signing off.” With that  Rachael sets the handset of the candlestick in its cradle and looks to see if she successfully attracted the attention of her colleagues.



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