Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session February 28, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetAfter the exhausting events of the day involving Johnny Mack and the rest of the group Rachael manages to find time to continue her therapy with the bureau counselor but, not before she performs some research on the gorilla case. She pulls all the news, police and B-13 reports she can find on the subject. She also compiles a list of persons of interest including Amelia Earhart, and doctors Savage, Herschel and Wayne. She studies them for a while before attending therapy. Sometimes during this period she stops Gaelin during the carrying out of his own duties…

“Gaelin, meet me at the New Yorker restaurant tonight at 7PM. We have much more to discuss!” Rachel whispers to him at the water fountain as she takes a drink of water, leaving shortly thereafter.

Later on that day Rachael mentions the same to O’shaughnassy as well…



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