Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session January 15, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetAs the man running the show, Pulp Nocturne 1930 has started to take off folks. Four people playing in the game, with room for two more. Here are some of the things that happened in the last session:

The characters led by a stalwart of the mysterious organization known as Bureau 13, Rachel Crosby, served a warrant at Hobbes & Thorne Gallery and Exports. Six additional agents were stationed outside to prevent anybody from leaving, accompanied our intrepid investigators.

Mysterious artifacts were confiscated and the curator, Madame Simone Bachtiarre, summarily knocked out by one of the grizzled private detectives, David O’Shaughnessy. From this point forward what ensued was a raucous battle for survival as the investigators incurred the wrath of the gallery.

Simone was playing possum. Once taken outside, Simone promptly ended the lives of three of the Bureau 13 contractors. The slippery customer of the investigators, Johnny Mack, got cute and smacked the face of a statue. The statue was in an obscure gallery dedicated to antediluvians of the past. One does not smack the face of the lord and tempest of Atlantis, General Barcuu and not provoke retaliation.

For that matter, Johnny also smacked the face of a grisly horrific statue on a strange pedestal that was unleashed from a crate in the shipping area of the gallery by the investigators. The creature came to life, terrorized the investigators and sent them scrambling. The creature was eventually slain, but things got decidedly worse.

Continuing the ransacking of the Hobbes & Thorne Gallery, the investigators discovered the quarters of Hans, the driver of Mr. Anabatos. Anabatos is the uniquely disturbing owner of the gallery and also a major player involved in the stakes for the ancient scrolls and ancient canopic jars the investigators stumbled upon recently. Hidden in a chifforobe the investigators discover an archaic black lacquered box with disturbing images of children being torn to pieces by wolves adorning the sides of it. Upon opening it, O’Shaughnessy discovers the insidious mummified remains of a little girl with blond curly locks in a white satin dress. The left side of the chest was gashed open and the leathered skin was covered with cryptic occult symbols.

Cassandra Burns, the lady friend of Johnny, was taken against her will while the investigators were searching other rooms. The investigators came to the aid of Cassandra to discover her bound in the most precarious of positions. A bubbling flask of acid shoved in her mouth to keep her contained. During a rather intense moment, Johnny and Rachel working in tandem plucked the flask free from Cassandra’s mouth.

While saving Cassandra, O’Shaughnessy took station nearby one of the doors that lead to freedom. In the darkness near the exit, a strange cloud of undulating blackness pulsed and throbbed as the investigators with a shaken Cassandra entered the hallway. The undulating blackness erupted into swarms of spiders that shocked the investigators into fleeing for their lives. Several of the investigators dashed through the gallery dedicated to the antediluvians which resulted in the statue of General Barcuu becoming animated, enraged and attacking the hapless investigators. Luckily, arriving late to the fracas was one of the investigators new associates, Uncle “Old Eyes” Maxine DuBois. Max pulled out his enigmatic clarinet and tooted quite the pummeling melody which was truly a solid sender that knocked the enraged General Barcuu threw a wall. This enabled the now haggard party of investigators to flee to safety.

Of the six Bureau 13 contracted agents, only one survived. Cassandra suffered some wounds unbeknownst to the investigators. Mack and O’Shaughnessy both suffered severe mental traumas from the combat at the gallery of Hobbes & Thorne. The other investigators have been unnerved because O’Shaughnessy seems to be having conversations with a lieutenant Donald Cameron. At times O’Shaughnessy chatters about: “almost 1600 hours, just five minutes more…” Uncle “Old Eyes” has been snoring loudly in a deep slumber.

Horror Master Noire


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