Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session March 14, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widgetThursday morning, after the worm.

Following the worm attack at the municipal building, the PCs lick their wounds and regroup. Rachael had helped Gaelin to the medical dispensary section and briefly spoken with security. After checking that everyone else was okay she had returned to her desk. Shortly after Rachael could be seen changing the meeting time on a big scheduling board in the open area to an hour later. In the meantime Rachel was seen going back and forth between the records department, research team section and her desk. She appeared very focused and busy…looking through many files from an ever growing pile on her desk, receiving a few brief calls but, making more herself. Eventually a couple of small boxes of files sat on the floor near her desk which she occasionally used as foot stools but, not for long. She was too busy to remain still which also led to the smoking cigarette sitting in its tray near a desk top GE oscillating electric fan to quickly shorten with Rachel’s many quick drags. It was not long before the small fan was activated by a red manicured index finger and seen to be panning back and forth on her desk. Those sitting closer to Rachel would have been treated to a hilarious scene where Rachel had to hurriedly throw herself over her desk to keep dozens of papers from being blown to the floor as the fan picked up RPMs-the brief display of curves momentarily raising the morale of the floor before another agent moved swiftly to switch off the fan and provide a steadying hand to her shoulder until the crisis quickly subsided. “Thank you Anderson!” Rachel snapped off with a mixed look of gratitude for the timely assistance and annoyance at her own absent mindedness. Apparently oblivious to the cascading head turns she precipitated, and the menacing sneers Anderson caught from his peers as his chivalry cut short her inviting display, Rachel resumes her activity. A while later-about 5 minutes before the meeting, once again Rachel enters the conference room…

Normally Rachel and her chic green marguerite dress (see photo gallery) would have been the attention getter but, this time she had to concede to coffee, and accompanying coffee cake easily seen and smelled once the room had been fully entered by the PCs. On the wall opposite the door, a map of New York with colored pins pressed into the locations corresponding to the events of the cases under investigation hung. On an adjacent wall a large chalk board with columns and rows of notes pertaining to the case at hand could be seen.  The notes were in the elegant script of Miss. Crosby. The set up was much like the one Herr Kastle had erected in the evidence room.

“Gentlemen,  there are coffee and danishes as most of you have seen. Please help yourself. We’re a bit behind schedule so bear with me!” Rachel begins as she stands before the group. “We need to more effectively divide our resources and work in parallel.” Turning towards Gaelin the tall English blonde continues, “Gaelin, you’ve done an impeccable job with your research. Be prepared for some long nights as we’ll need you to assist the book worms in researching every facet of every artifact that we’ve recovered. Herr Castle, myself and our book worms will provide support on that little project. Additionally, begin collecting all you can on Simone Bachtiarre and Simone Egmenti. Maybe they are one and the same,” Miss Crosby explains as she points to a note on the board with a wooden pointer.  “Additionally, the daughter of Anabatos-Sibisi needs to be examined! see what you can do.”

Quickly pivoting on her leather T-straps, Miss Crosby addresses O’Shaughnessy. “Shawn, get us all the latest you can concerning the Hobbes and Thorne gallery. Inception, previous owners, holding companies, officers, donors, tax history, fire records, real property-anything! It’s most fortunate that we’re here in the municipal building as it saves you a trip to the county seat, so work that magic of yours and see what you can unearth. Additionally, collect what you can on Anabatos, Professor Krocker and his assistant, Simone Bachtiarre, Father Barret, Hans and one Dr. West. Oh, we’ll need to finalize a more permanent living arrangement for you and Herr Kastle if not already done.”

Pivoting again Rachel turns to Herr Kastle. “Herr Kastle, in addition to the work you’re already doing, I would like your assistance on the matters I just mentioned to Gaelin. Furthermore, would it be possible for you to develop some sort of mobile communications system for the New York office? Please assess the feasibility of such an undertaking in terms of the technical knowledge, time and financial resources needed-oh, and I’d like to discuss one of the artifacts with you at a later time if you can accommodate.”

Rachael then turns to Johnny. “Johnny, director Darke expressed his desire for you to complete your task. I would like for you to make yourself as available as possible but, make the task you need to complete your main priority when not needed by our team for the case at hand. Your particular expertise provides you the luxury of a lot of free time so use it to complete your goal but, make sure we’re able to easily contact you when needed.”

Rachel then sets down the wooden pointer and stands akimbo before continuing. “While you GENTLEMEN <Rachel looks sternly back and forth between Johnny Mack and O’Shaughnessy> pursue your goals, my superior knowledge and familiarity with the file system here will allow me to pull and review all pertinent case files and archived reports relevant to our task. I’ll be handling most of that bloody work. The information we collect will be used to formulate a plan of action against the appropriate parties…Gentlemen, the fate of the known world may now be in our hands!” Rachel is now speaking with a an intensity the group rarely notes from her.  “Starting today this will be a regular meeting every day of the week at 6 PM until this crisis is resolved. Be armed at all times and no solitary field work is to be performed whenever practical. At tonight’s meeting I will disperse to all of the new agents standard field equipment and conduct a short orientation…And I want to make it clear…NO MORE UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOROR OR PETTY BICKERING! Anyone who has an issue with another group member please discuss it with me and we’ll address it as adults. If some action is required then it will be taken. O’Shaughnessy, Gaelin, I plan to make a trip to Columbia University this afternoon. Please accompany me. I’ll need your expertise.” With that Rachel takes a seat. “If anyone here needs anything-ANY kind of support or assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask me and I’ll do what ever I can to help. Any questions?”




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