Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session March 21, 2014

November 24, 2014

As We Last Left widget

Return From Morgue

With a natural adroitness that dazzled all the male and some female employees of the office, Rachel’s finely manicured digits furiously tapped the keys of the Underwood which sat on its stand near her desk. Bets were whispered that Rachel could out type the floor champion which apparently was one of the female clerks whose date of hire predated miss Crosby’s. A bet Rachel would not be fool enough to take, it didn’t matter as Rachel was immersed in her current work. Two small radios sat on Rachel’s desk, and now sitting conspicuously near her was a compensated Thompson submachine gun. It sat in a special lockable rack pointing upwards. A metal bar held the weapon in its seat until unlocked and removed. The weapon had a drum magazine attached, and two canvas ammo pouches with additional magazines of all types sat nearby. On her desk sat a stack of newspapers. They were neatly stacked but, numerous-about 8 inches high. On top of the newspapers sat a broken open double barreled “sawn off” shotgun. It had no stock and was unloaded. Several boxes of shells, and an unloaded bandolier sat next to it. Near her phone sat a new pair of Zeiss binoculars. On the empty wooden chair near her desk sat a gas mask. Many files still sat neatly stacked on her desk. Finishing her typing, Rachel pulls the sheet of paper from her typewriter and puts it in a file jacket. She gets up and takes long strides into Darke’s office only to emerge shortly after without the file. Rachel makes a B-line to Gaelin’s , O’Shaughnessy’s and Kastle’s desks. If present they can see she has a look of urgency on her face. “Gaelin! Herr Kastle! Shawn!” She calls. Rachel stops at Kastle’s desk, If he is not there she leans over and begins looking for something on his desk. “Now where could it be…”



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