Pulp Nocturne 1930 Session May 27, 2012

November 24, 2014

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Great game folks! I think we really covered a lot of ground Saturday and were able to get some good r/p in. It was good to get back to the main game and kick off a new story! I’m looking forward to the next game.
A brief word about r/p. Don’t be alarmed at Sebastian’s flirting with Rachel. Keep in mind tht Rachel is a real looker so if guys like Sebastian weren’t played as at least being aware of Rachel’s inherent attractiveness then it eventually wouldn’t seem right. No one was intending to turn the game into a porn film but, I’m sure we’d all behavve differently in the presence of such a beauty. Indeed that is part of what the character ‘Rachel’ contributes to the group dynamic and the game in general. Realistically speaking, characters like Rachel and Mercy would probably be getting propositions from or at least undressed by the eyes of many men fairly often. Adolescent boys hold crushes on them…other females want to be like them and plenty envy the two heroines. Anyway, by showing interest in Rachel Sebastian was played well, and such interest can lead to interesting character development and r/p in the future.

On a more Somber note, we were all sorry to hear the news about James. I was hoping it was all a big mistake but, unfortunately it’s not sounding that way now. R.I.P. James. Great player.



Good points…and the way it looks from the surveillance of the market, what happened with Oliver and the egg may eventually make sense to the PCs…and yes, Oliver getting a bit frisky with the English accented beauty he was paired with did indeed reaffirm his sanity. One look at her pic in the photo section is proof enough of that but, no need to worry about things being turned into a porn game.

As far as additional players go, more will be desirable but, I myself am not going to try and force it. More players will eventually come but, I’m not going to mention it to any other gamers I know unless I feel they would compliment the game well. Lord knows I don’t want to go back to when players had their PCs dragging trunks full of munitions around town and blowing up everything in sight. Action scenes are welcome but, I for one am not looking to play in a teeny bopper campaign with no r/p, story or character development. I really liked Saturday’s game and come to think about it there were no combat scenes at all. A good campaign can yield great play with OR without action every session.



Right.  Like she said, They both have been through a lot recently.  Oliver just saw the impossible (well, not really.  He doesn’t use that word anymore) and called her.  Then someone/thing managed to steal the corpse and try to replace it with a chicken egg.  Little wonder he was starting to question his sanity.  Well, any guy who wants to kiss a girl as pretty as Rachel can’t be completely screwy.  That somewhat restored his faith in himself.



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