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FREE Role Playing Game Day Saturday, June 18th

June 17, 2011


Capes and Calamity this Sunday, June 19th!

June 13, 2011


Pulp Nocturne 1930: Capes & Calamity News

May 24, 2011


Capes and Calamity Plays Again this Sunday, May 22nd at Pandemonium Games!

May 16, 2011


Capes and Calamity This Sunday, May 15th

May 11, 2011


Pulp Nocturne 1930 Summer Gaming Schedule Announced!

April 10, 2011



January 6, 2011



January 4, 2011



August 31, 2010


Folks I would like to thank all of you for playing. Sunday was an impressive gaming session. James and Brandon missed out! One character was the target of Lillith. Mercy fought a heroic fight to avoid being dragged into Lillith’s evil lair. Dr. Rook was targeted by the evil Undertaker and was fighting to avoid being captured. Sculder was overcome by Lillith and swayed to fight for Lillith. In the midst of that fierce struggle, rather than trying to just save her skin, Mercy tried to help Dr. Rook. Yvonne played that whole scene out rather well. That was pulp heroics at its finest; trying to save somebody else even though you were in trouble.

No gaming this Sunday due to the Labor Day Holiday.

Somebody left behind a metallic red water bottle. I have it.

 Thanks to Bill for the baked goods and the timer. I would like to continue to use the timer. I think a two-three minute time limit to initiate an action is fair.

 Now folks I thought it was time to talk about something that was brought up indirectly by George in his posting below. This game isn’t Hack Master and I am not after a TPK (Total Party Kill). The game is challenging for me as the Horror Master and I appreciate that.

Including the action from this past Sunday, the current gaming party of nine has five Legendary Rank heroes now; one Heroic Rank hero; and three Veteran Rank heroes. Most of you are quite capable in your characters. In this last session, I was fortunate enough to get one of the gun monkeys into hand-to-hand melee, and I made one minor mistake with trying to drag Mercy into the tent and that was not adding in the Gang-Up bonus of +1 per attacking combatant. Essentially that becomes a wash.

The heroic cliff-hanger is a staple of the pulp adventure. It has its drawbacks and there are benefits too. Our gaming experiences are rich and diverse. Regrettably at times we cannot close-out the action within the time frame we play. The cliff-hanger does allow you as the players time to develop a strategy to overcome my devious situations.

In my observations about the characters in the game I have to say that I like all of the character personalities. Some of the characters have powerful capabilities that go beyond that of the normal. I’d like to find a way to equalize that. There are some things that will be happening that will correct for some of that.

For the next progression of Pulp Nocturne 1930 there are many options.

  • Everybody creates new characters.
  • We proceed with the current characters.
  • The current characters can be remade at lower levels, with everybody starting at the same point.

Now there is a chance the next progression of Pulp Nocturne 1930 will be a one-shot adventure where the characters will be not so much super heroes as they would be masked crime fighters. Yesh, they will be facing off against the supernatural and similar evils. In that instance, new characters will be created. What I would like is a brief background story, why is your character compelled to fight evil?

In addition I will have a special list of Powers available to your characters that would be appropriate to your masked crime-fighter. Each Rank you would have the opportunity to gain a new Power. All of you are clever enough to combine that with the available Edges to produce some rambunctious off –hook characters.

Finally I wanted to clarify something about the Revelation Card being played. This is important to the game. There have been several factions identified: The Elevated, The Risen and The Fallen. It has also been suggested that Forbidden Knowledge has been shared with the Innocent in order to change cosmic destinies. Mercy is seemingly the key to all of this along with Roy Hobbs. Each faction has something specific in mind.

~Horror Master Noire AKA Alan


Zombies in the Night

June 1, 2010

Roll Dem Bones

by Alan Meranda

Once again we are delving into an intriguing posting at the Savage Worlds Yahoo Group for Savage Worlds.


> Hi Fellow Savages,

>I’m trying to model the kind of zombies seen in films like 28 Days Later, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. So rather than the slow, groaning walking dead of the George Romero sort, these guys are really fast and really angry 🙂 I want a group of 3 or so to be a challenge even for a veteran (40 XP character. I already have a mechanism for the infection (it’s not nearly as fast as the movie, more a slow, gradual thing with the possibility of a cure).

 > Also, does anyone have good general tips for how to scale the opposition to be an appropriate challenge to a group of PCs? For example, are there any guidelines for how much toughness, parry, and damage an opponent should have for a PC of a given # of XP?

 >Thanks for any help,

 > Manu



In the Game Aids section of the Savage Worlds forum I posted a Zombie Escalation table. It’s brutal, but the intent is to perpetuate the hopelessness of fighting a growing swarm of undead.

 The Gang-Up rule from Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition states: “Ganging up on a foe allows attackers to flank, exploit openings, and harass their outnumbered opponent.
Each additional adjacent foe adds +1 to all the attackers’ Fighting rolls, up to a maximum of +4.” This is huge when a mob of zombies attack.

 The Zombie Mechanism
Another concept to realize about zombies is soft tissue disease and infection carried by zombies. Zombies smell their prey. The soft tissues of nasal passages and throat are diseased and corrupted. When a zombie smells something beyond its undead stench, it triggers a surge of electrical activity that inspires them to action. Instead of shambling the zombie chases after the prey it smells. Because of the cellular corruptions of the soft membranes; the zombies have a heightened sense of smell (bonus to the Notice roll). When the zombies “smell” prey it also triggers an endorphin rush (bonus to Agility based rolls) and adrenaline surge (bonus to Strength based rolls). The zombies also have a bump to their ability to hunt down their prey (bonus to Tracking roll equal to the bonus given to the Notice roll).

Characters encountering the zombie, by smelling the zombie stench, risk infection. A small burst template would be the area of potential infection. The test is a Vigor roll. A Failure means the infection takes hold in several hours equal to a roll based on the infected characters Vigor. A Critical Failure is much worse. The infection occurs within minutes instead of hours. One further necessary check is a Guts check after the character realizes they have been infected.

The bottom-line goal is to make zombies a fearsome creature to be avoided.

 ~Horror Master Noire